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A lifted car allows for off road use by allowing more clearance underneath the car and allows for bigger tires to be used.

What is involved in a lifted car? A special lift kit that is made especially for that particular vehicle along with much bigger tires. The tires can either be trail, all terrain, or even a street tire. A lifted car comes in both gas and electric.

The main thing is they really look cool. Even if you already have a car and would like to lift it, it is possible. We can do the work for you or sell you the kit that fits your car along with the tires and you can do it yourself.

Below is an assortment of different types of lifted vehicles.

Current sale on remaining 2019 models, call for pricing, save big.

Learn more about the NEW Elite models with Lithium batteries - see below


The new EZGO S4 Express

The S4 comes in both gas or electric models.

Also in 2020 offered with lithium batteries and AC motor.

The 4 - refers to the extra seat on the back of the car, that also flips over to make a cargo bed.



KW cowl

Starting in 2013 the KW cowl was introduced, great bold look with new headlights too.

We can also refurbished and older model and still use the new KW cowl.




  We can customize the car for you anyway you can think of.


Lithium batteries are now the way to go - 8 year factory warranty - 10 year life expectancy


  Lift Kits

There are several kits out on the market, the lift must fit your car brand.  Be careful about the cheaper models, they make for a real squirrelly ride.

Gas cars can handle a lift with no performance issues, electric cars most of the time need some extra parts to perform correctly.

Lifted RXV  

RXV electric model

Need speed, power, and electric.

RXV Lifted is one way to go,  20 mph, AC drive motor, 6 " jakes lift kit.

Chrome 12" wheels, 23" tires. Head lights, tail lights, brake lights, extended top, and back seat kit.



Lift RXV 2+2   AC motor

An AC electric motor is much more powerful than the traditional DC motor, and 30% more efficient.  The motor has lots of reserve and can also maintain it's speed up a hill with ease.

AC Motor now available on the Express line too.





EZGO S4 refurbished cars.

These are 2nd generation custom vehicles that are year models 2009-2012.  They feature a new factory EZGO lift kit, new KW front and back bodies with head lights, new seat covers, new factory back seat flip kit, new brush guards, new tires and wheels, new extended 80' tops, 12 volt power outlet and state of charge meters. The electric cars all come with newly installed batteries, battery cables, and charger harness. All gas vehicles receive a new fuel pump, carburetor, oil and filter change, new sparks, new air filters, and a new starter battery.

 2 year warranty included.

Lifted 6 passenger

EZGO offers a new L6 model in a 6 passenger.

Gas or Electric

Eilte models come with lithium batteries and AC motors - 8 year factory warranty on lithium batteries


Lithium batteries are now the way to go - 8 year factory warranty - 10 year life expectancy

ST 2+2  gas   Lifted ST front cowl

This is the original ST cowl, we still have some inventory left in stock

2003 GAS ST 2+2 Charcoal with tan seats   Custom white / black seats, black rims, short black top
ST 2+2 Red with back diamond plate and twister wheels   Yellow ST, two tone seats
Hunter Green ST 2+2   Charcoal ST - chrome wheels, black top, tan seats
2nd Gen. ST 2+2 camo body, gas or electric   2003 ST 2+2 gas - hunter green
ST Black with a Camo enclosure   Camo ST / Electric and GAS
Lifted TXT front cowl  
The TXT still looks good as a lifted car  
Long travel lift kits

These type kits offer independent front suspension that really smoothes out the ride, although they cost 2k.

We have installed lots of them and customers really do like it, photos coming.

Call David if you have any questions.