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E-Z-GO now makes 2 cars for Golf. The New RXV Freedom model and the legandary TXT models. The new RXV is a long awaited model as a result of many years of research and development. It is the ultimate in luxury and reliablity available in the market.

Also NEW is the Elite model with lithium batteries.  This is the hottest new item in golf cars, 10 year life expectancy, 8 year warranty, plus no required maintenance, it's a no brainer upgrade, available now on the RXV and all Express models.

E-Z-GO, a Textron Company is a leading manufacturer of golf cars and utility vehicles. E-Z-GO, made in America is the preferred golf car fleet provider for seven of the top 10 of Americaís 100 Greatest Golf Courses as ranked by Golf Digest. E-Z-GO is also the golf car of choice of nine of the nationís 10 largest course-management companies. Adventure Golf Cars prides ourselves in carrying a great selection of new, used and refurbished E-Z-GO golf cars. We showcase our cars indoors in our 16,000 square foot showroom.

Financing is available too /   0% - 48 months 

 2019 RXV sale going on now.

Elite lithium batteries available too, see below.


The New RXV Freedom by E-Z-GO

RXV stands for Reliability, Xperience & Value.

The Freedom RXV boast an array of innovative features delivering superior performance, safety, comfort, and reliablity. Here are just a few of the new features:

* AC motor - much more reliable, more efficient, uses 30% less energy than DC motor, less charging required at the end of the day.

Automatic locking park brake

Fail-safe dual braking system, unmatched safety

3 Year warranty - bumper to bumper




This car has the most powerful electric engine of any car in the market, you must test drive one to feel the power, the hills are like down slopes.

Three big differences on the RXV.

1.  AC Motor

2. Auto locking hill brake system

3. Best suspension in the industry = most comfortable ride of any car.

Elite Lithium Batteries - option

* Zero maintenance required - no watering or cleaning cables

* 10 year life expectancy - 8 year warranty

* Cost savings efficiency - quicker and less charge time required

* Consistence performance - doesn't fade over time

* much lighter package too



Design your own custom car - options are endless

17 car colors available

Pick your rims

Custom order your seat colors

Add a stereo or enclosure


This seat is the most popular

So comfortable you will want to play another 18 holes same day


Also comes as a 4 passenger shuttle

This is were the AC motor really shows off, load it up and go up a hill and never slow down.




It will even accept larger tires without a lift kit required


Build your own

Extended top

Rear seat kit

Custom rims



Seat kit that turns into a golf bag holder

No tools required


This is the New body style TXT car

This is the car we normally stock in gas for a 2 passenger, can be 4 pass also

13 HP - 400 cc engine

Under $ 7000 brand new

Refurbished EZGO RXV Freedom Cars

Save over $ 2,000 off a brand new car price

Usually about a 3-4 year old car

Refurbished or Brand New, can you tell which one is which?

Plus get a 2 year warranty included, bumper to bumper




Our refurbished cars are NOT just a set of certified batteries and lots of Armour All, Ours include the following items:

All new batteries, battery cables, battery tie downs, body, cowl, front bumper, rear bumper, side rocker panels, windshield, light kits, dc converters, shocks, motor brake, tires, seats, top, front A-arm bushing, spindle tube bushing, controller software upgrade, freedom speed setting, floor mat, USB port, battery fuel meter, brake lights, and a horn.

Lithium batteries available now too




Our Refurbished cars come with the best warranty too

2 years - bumper to bumper

Save money and use it to customize the car

 **  Lithium batteries now available on refurbished and used RXV cars.