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We sell 3 lines of LSV's - EZGO, JH Global Star, and American Custom Golf Cars

Information on EZGO 2Five and Star vehicles are listed below.   American custom has special tab.



A LSV (low speed vehicle) is a vehicle that is approved by the Texas Department of Transportation to be driven legally on roads with a maximum of 45 mph speed limit. Adventure golf cars sales several approved LSVs that are affordable, practical, fun vehicles for running errands and local commuting.   These street legal electric cars are also a viable alternative to paying high gas prices. These vehicles are equipped with seat belts, lighting, special windshields, 4 wheel disc braking, along with other safety equipment.  Side mirrors, speedometer, odometer, turn signals, and key system that is unique to the car, all are standard features. The State of Texas changed the law in 2009 and said that no longer can a standard golf cart be retrofit and titled for the street, only cars that are built at the factory and meet the requirements of a LSV when shipped out will be allowed to be tagged and titled.

Be sure you are buying through a licensed dealer when buying an LSV, read notice below.




With an LSV Cart you can safely drive to your neighborhood golf course, play 18 holes and stop by the grocery store on your way home.  It is a small, aggressively styled, two passenger, street-legal, electric car that can charge overnight on a standard 110 volt outlet and have a range in excess of 30 miles.  It is targeted to individuals in local neighborhoods and communities for running errands, commuting, golf and other recreation. Its power plant will generate almost 11 kilowatts making it capable of a top speed of 25 mph and giving it the ability to aggressively climb hills.  It has 4 wheel braking, seat belts, tip-over-bar, lights and is street legal.  

We will title and license the car for you and this vehicle does not require an annual inspection sticker.

Pricing can range from $10,000 to $15,000 depending on the accessories added.



All our inventory is stored in doors, not left outside in the elements, you get a new car when you buy a new car.



Notice: We will title the car for you. Any dealer selling these units must have a dealer's license to be able to title the car. You do not want all the hassles of getting the title and registration for the vehicle, or even worse paying more tax than necessary. Most tax offices and non-licensed dealers are not aware of all the rules on these new LSV's, and many problems do occur.

Be sure to ask the dealer if they can title the car for you before you buy somewhere else, even if you are buying a used unit.



Indoor inventory






The EZGO 2Five LSV

* A new spin on the family sedan

* 2 and 4 passenger options

* AC drive motor

* Automatic locking park brake

* 12 color options

* Radio systems & custom seats


custom rims   classic white
2 passenger with bag attachment   custom rims
JH Global Star

       40 different models available

- Golf & Recreation

- Street legal LSV

- People Movers

- Off Road

- Commercial / Industrial




Star Diablo LSV

Super awesome bad boy, lifted 4 passenger, street legal, AC motor, all aluminum frame, automatic locking brake pedal, flip seat kit and more.


    Lifted street legal

Weekdays cruse the neighborhood streets and go hunting with it on the weekend, this car does it all.  

Got Friends -- Where have you seen a 6 passenger lifted street legal car?

Here it is, AC motor with all the power to go anywhere fast.

  Here is the Classic 2+2

Awesome ride, extended top, 12" upgraded rims, rear flip seat kit, wiper unit, seat belts, 25 mph, 8 colors, street legal LSV.

All under 10,000

For the big family or your important clients.

All 6 passengers facing forward, street legal, top covers all seats, upgraded rims