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There are a lot of options available when using a golf car for hunting or clay shooting. First you will need to determine whether you will want gas or electric. 2 wheel drive or 4 wheel drive. Do you need to carry 2, 4 or 6 passengers or have a cargo box on the back.

Come in and see all our options available to you or even custom build your own. We can offer all colors and even several different camoflauge patterns.


Learn more about each type of car below.

2nd Gen. ST 2+2 camo body, gas or electric  

EZGO ST 2+2 GAS or Electric .

This is a custom order ST 2+2 with a camo body and dark brown seat covers with a long black extended top.

We have these cars in new or 2nd generation models

These cars can easliy be customized to your needs, whether it is a cargo utlity box, a seat kit that carries 2 passengers and flips over to carry cargo, mud gaurds around all tires, short top for the compact look or the or extended top to cover the back passengers. How about a front ammo basket to carry extra goods, extra guns mounts, and even trailer hitch mount to pull extra goods.

Check out the camo enclosure below, your personal moving blind. ( sorry flat screen not included )




Gas camo ST car with camo enclosure and see though camo windshield   ST Camo body and camo full enclosure
Duo Camo   ST Camo / Camo windshield too
vehicle wrap  


We can vehicle wrap your car in camo or any design you may want.


Also check out the new Rhino liner coating a couple photos down, camos or solids, very tuff and looks great too.

ST 2+2 black   2003 ST 2+2 gas - hunter green
Fully Rhino coated body   super tuff rhino coated body
ST Charcoal Custom   ST 2+2 black with camo enclosure
You probably can't even see me, it's the camo.  Better hurry these rigs are hot.   ST Camo custom brown top
ST Express Viper Blue  

This is the NEW - ST EXPRESS - gas or electric

This car is great for the Hunter with friends. It can carry 6 passengers or has a seat that flips for cargo. You can also order it with a wooden cargo box that even dumps.

The car comes with upgraded custom wheels, front and back tail lights, two tone seat covers, a front bumper gaurd, and a new shaped custom top.

Colors available are Black or Viper Blue






St Express Black 6 passenger   ST Express - 6 passenger
ST Express with Cargo Box  


2008 Clay's Car  

EZGO's Clay Car - gas or electric

This is the car if you are a Clay Shooter. It comes with all the right accessories to make the shoot fun and effective. here are the items included on all Clay Cars.

Front ammo basket, front swivel gun mount, right and left side baskets, conversion seat kit, right and left side locking glove boxes, off road 22 " stryker tires, extended 80" top, and front and back tail lights.

This car has custom 12" wheels on 23" Sahara tires




2008 Clay Car    
custom clay car   custom clay car
4 passenger / non lifted with Trail Wolf Tires   2007 Freedom PDS - BLACKED OUT with trail wolf tires