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Buying Tips

       We prepared this link to educate you, the buyer with important information to learn and ask before you purchase a new or used golf cart. This will allow you to compare apples to apples when buying rather than just comparing prices, the bottom line is that the cheapest car isn’t always the best deal. You could run into many components needing to be replaced right away, such as batteries, main engine parts, etc. and it could end up costing you more in the short run.


Gas –vs- Electric

       We sell both type carts, more electric than gas. One reason for this is the ease of maintenance on an electric cart.  Most electric cars are now more expensive new than gas cars.


Pluses for a Gas Cart

Longer Range: 100 Plus miles on 1 tank of gas
More powerful: better for pulling, climbing steep hills with a load
No charging required
No down time, just refill tank


Minuses for a Gas Cart

More expensive to maintain
More things can go wrong
Be more careful when buying used - ride much rougher, fumes and gas smell
Previous owner must have maintained it well or big problems will most likely occur. It’s better to buy new in gas.
Engine repairs are more costly
Difficult to run slow
Buying used gas is more risky than used electric; most owners never maintain the cart properly

Note: Be very careful when buying a used gas cart. Most owners don’t perform the necessary maintenance on these cars and therefore damage the engines.


Pluses for an Electric Cart

Much smoother ride
Simple maintenance needed
Easier and cheaper to operate
Fewer things can go wrong
Ladies prefer electric ride much more
Can be used indoors

Minuses for an Electric Cart

Limited range of 20-25 miles on a single charge
Needs electrical outlet to re-charge, overnight charge needed when totally depleted
Battery life is 4-5 years – replacement cost for a set of 6 batteries is $800-$1200
Monthly care of battery pack required (10 minutes)



       We service all our carts to factory specifications and offer 2 year warranties on our refurbished golf cars, one year on our used golf cars. We offer free pick up and return as long as you are in the DFW area.
       One word of warning on buying a golf car off of Craig’s List. Most sellers are selling for a reason; either bad batteries or an issue with the cart. This is risky.  Also you will get no warranty when these things do go wrong. Most people decide to sell because they haven’t used the car in a long time. When an electric cart sits without use a lot of problems will arise.

Warranty coverage

2 year on all refurbished cars

1 year on all used cars

Adventure GC will cover labor and parts needed if the car stops running for the length of the warranty unless dead battery related.  Batteries are only covered for 1 year on all carts, new, refurbished, or used.

Parts covered:  motor, charger, charging system, steering box, controller, brakes and light system (no bulbs).

Pick-up and delivery in the DFW area is also covered during the warranty period, 40 mile radius only.

Items NOT covered under warranty

Mainly all normal wear items are NOT covered:

Tire wear, tire flats, headlight & taillight bulbs, seat cover wear, brake shoes or pads are standard wear items not covered. 

Tire flats can be repaired just like an auto tire, remove and take to any tire shop.

Batteries that are not cared for or charged properly are not covered under any time frame.

Batteries are covered for 1 year only from the manufacture.  The batteries must be cared for properly and be factory tested for a warranty claim.

Squeaks from loose roof struts, front seats, rear seats, windshields, are not covered.  All carts need occasional wrenching to tighten up bolts.

Damage to the car from an accident or collision is not covered.



Serial # Check

       Always check the serial number with an authorized dealer. A 1991 model looks just like a 2012 model in lots of cases. If you verify the serial number through an authorized dealer you will know what year model you are getting. When purchasing such an expensive item it is always smart to buy from an authorized dealer, (one who sells new cars too, and not just used models.) An authorized dealer has knowledgeable technicians and access to factory parts to fix your cart.


Lifted Carts

       A lifted car is a model that has a factory lift kit and bigger tires to allow more clearance underneath the frame for mostly off road use. Some cars come from the factory lifted or a lift can be added to a car.
Not all golf car models can be lifted without a proper engine & controller replacement. i.e. E-Z-GO TXT will do fine with a lift, PDS models need proper modifications added to work when lifted.  Be sure if buying a PDS model that has been lifted it has the upgraded controller or it will likely burn out. Be wary if a dealer tells you it’s not a problem because it is!



       We all know the difference in new and used carts but what is a refurbished golf car? Refurbished is not the same at all dealerships. Some call a refurbished golf car a used car with a new body. At Adventure a refurbished means the original frame, motor, steering unit and controller but with all new:

Body, trim, front shield, rear bumper, rocker panels, lights (head & tail), horn, key switch, tires, hub caps, charger harness, receptacle, batteries, cables, battery retainer, tie downs, wires, seat covers, battery level indicators, windshield, and mirrors.

Our refurbished golf cars also come with a two year warranty.



       The most important component in an electric cart is the batteries. A set of six batteries should last 4-5 years, but only if cared for properly. Improper service or neglect and they can be damaged enough to only last 1-2 years.  It is very important to understand before you buy a used set of batteries that they might not last or perform as you expect.
       Batteries have a limited range. Most batteries have a date code on them (C9 represents March 2009). Batteries need to be checked for water monthly and system charged after every use.
       There are 36 & 48 volt systems. The 48 volt system has a longer range than a 36. A 36 will go about 20 miles on a charge and a 48 will go 30 miles. There is no power or speed difference at all between the two systems.
       Do not buy someone else’s history when it comes to set of batteries. This is a very risky move since you do not know how they have been cared for. If you have to install a new set of batteries shortly after your purchase you are looking at adding around $800-$1200 to your purchase price.


Parts & Accessories

       Always ask if a dealer uses factory OEM parts. Many places use imported parts and accessories to keep their prices low. Imported parts break, have a shorter life span, rattle and can be dangerous.
       You will be much happier in the years to come with original OEM parts. We do not take a trade in on any cart with after market parts. It has proven not to be worth it.
       If your buying a cart with a rear seat kit, always look to see if the original leaf springs have been replaced to heavy duty ones, if not don't buy that cart. Many people cut corners and don't replace the springs, this is a must or you will have problems with the suspension.


Street Legal

       LSV – (Low Speed Vehicle) An LSV is a vehicle with a maximum speed of 25 mph and is allowed to drive on a street of 45 mph or under. To be an LSV the car is built from the ground up at the factory to be driven on the street and titled. Standard carts can no longer be upgraded to be street legal.
       Some dealers claim they can make a cart street legal by adding seat belts, lights, rear mirrors, etc. to your cart. There was a new Texas law passed in 2008 that no longer allowed a regular golf cart to be made into a street legal cart. No exceptions!
       Also if you do buy a street legal car make sure your dealer has an auto license to sell and title your car.  


Final thoughts

       When you visit a dealership besides checking out their inventory try to meet the owner and service technician. Look for a service department and check out their parts inventory. Also check for cleanliness and test their knowledge with the questions we have provided you with. All our carts are stored indoors and not left outside in the weather.

Don’t forget to ask if they offer FREE deliveries and pick ups on carts under warranty.
This type of service and product knowledge is what sets Adventure Golf Cars apart from the rest.


David Scott – Owner

Tyler Scott - Sales
Paul Rogers, Cliff Craus, Jerry Woolston – Service & Parts      

           Battery Maintenance Requirements

  • Batteries water level should be checked monthly. Do not fill to the top.  Add distilled water just covering plates and up the bottom edge of side walls of the holes opening. Do not fill to the top, if over filled, water and acid will boil out of the battery making a mess as well as diluting the battery’s potential.
  • Keep all battery terminal nuts and connection clean from corrosion.  Clean with baking soda and water (50/50 mix) and a wire brush.
  • Periodically tighten battery terminal nuts with 9/16 wrench.  Be careful not to touch wrench on plus and minus terminal at the same time.  This would spark and could damage battery.
  • Charge golf car at the end of the night after every use.  Recharge car if not used in one month’s time.  Batteries will last longer if kept fully charged.  Totally depleting the batteries without recharging immediately damages the battery pack.
  • Water levels should be checked every month even if the cart is not used, the charging process heats up and evaporates the water inside the battery.     FYI: A charger requires the battery pack to produce about 80% of the total volts to start the charger, so letting the batteries go dead will cause the charger not to be able to turn on.

  ADVENTURE GOLF CARS -      817.481.2800


Below are a few cars that are great buys




2017 EZGO TXT - Gas 13 hp

Brand New - Special pricing

$ 5995

12" rims, top, lights, cart buddies

0 % / 48 months available




  2019 EZGO TXT 2+2 -  Gas

Brand New unit

Extended top, 14" wheels , light kit

13 hp Kawasaki engine

List $ 7895

Sale price $ 6650 - 2 year warranty

2 Units available - charcoal and blue

  2015 Custom build

Express S4 electric - lifted

Rhino coated body set

Upgraded seats, extended top

Very Cool

$ 7950

  EZGO Custom Build

2013 Model TXT - 48 volts

$ 6200


  EZGO 2010 refurbished S4  / used

Refurbished back in 2015

Comes with new batteries 48 volts

$ 4995





  2014 EZGO TXT 48V


New batteries and tires. Has lights, cooler, cabana cover, ball washer, and sand bottles.

  2017 refurbished 2017 RXV Freedom E

Total refurbished - Inferno Red

14" rims

All options

$ 6800

2 year warranty


2010 RXV 2+2 - Gas unit

Light kit, rear seat kit, windshield

Full tune up

13 hp Kawasaki engine

$ 4200

  2015 EZGO KW Sport

Cool different look

KW sport cowl, 2/1 rear seat kit, speed racer tires, lights

$ 5900


  2016 EZGO TXT 48 volt 2+2

New batteries, new 10 diamond rims and tires, new seats

Light kit, state charge meter, flip seat kit

$ 5500


  Refurbished RXV - custom build

Special red rhino coat body set

2017 year - RXV 2+2

65" tires, extended top, lights, & horn

Dash basket  and custom steering wheel

$ 7200 - very unique car


2017 RXV electric 48 volt

New batteries and tires

2/1 rear seat kit, turns into golf bag holder

$ 5700



  2014 RXV refurbished

Totally redone - Big super soft ridding tires

$ 5990

2 year warranty



  2017 refurbished RXV Freedom E - Electric Blue

Total refurb car

$ 6200

2 year warranty


  EZGO Custom Build

For the very special one

$ 5700




  2004 EZGO TXT 2+2

$ 3500

New batteries, new tires




  2011 Custom UT car - EZGO S4 electric

Fully refurbished, custom painted UT body, custom seats, 14" rims on 23" tires, extended top, windshield, hip covers, arm rest cup holders, new batteries, 48 volts, lights, brake lights, windshield, mirrors.

$ 8995 - 2 year warranty

Custom paint, must see to appreciate





  2013 EZGO Custom TCU

High Output model S4 electric

Has custom seats, custom painted body, 14" black chrome wheels, extended top, lights, bluetooth radio with Rockford speakers, battery fill system & jug, arm rest cup holders on rear seat kit.

$ 7,000






  2010 EZGO ST - electric 48 volt

Refurbished Camo rhino lined - Roll bar struts & hd top - 14" rims on 23" tires, lift kit, brush guard, lights, new seats in black, deluxe flip seat kit, 48 volt system.

$ 6500







  2011 Refurbished Shuttle 6 passenger

New batteries, new body and cowl, new seats, new tires and rims, lights, new 120" top, IPod system and speakers and much more

$ 8500



  2007 EZGO ST Sport 2+2 - electric

New batteries and cables, new tires and rims, recently refurbished, awesome condition.

$ 4995


  2011 Refurbished EZGO TXT - Gas

New body and cowl patriot blue, new tires and wheel covers, new seat covers, new deluxe rear flip seat kit, new extended 80" top, new windshield, new side mirrors, full tune up, new battery, 13 hp Kawasaki engine

$ 4950


  2008 EZGO ST Sport 2+2 - Gas

Full tune up, new battery, perfect condition

$ 4950


  Tomberlin Emerge E4 - Street Legal LSV

New batteries, very low miles, very clean, nice wheels, UT logo can be removed.

$ 8500

Rear seat can be added too.



EZGO Shuttle 6 passenger - Gas

Refurbished unit, new body and cowl, new tires, new seats, new top, new tires and rims, lights.

$ 5995 best deal in the house!!





  2004 ST Sport 2+2 - electric

New batteries and cables, new top, windshield, new tires and 12" rims

$ 5,000


  2008 ST Sport 2+2 - Gas

Perfect, almost new condition

New tires and black chrome 12" rims, full gas tune up, oil change, new air filter, fuel filter, spark plus.

$ 5900



Classic Classic Classic

1992 - Not really that old - just made to look cool.  This shuttle has been refurbished with a new motor, new F&R switch, new set of batteries and all cables and wirers, new seat covers, new side wood, new side woody decals, and new wood steering wheel.

Plus new Bluetooth radio system

$ 4800  OBO



  2010 EZGO RXV - Gas

Refurbished RXV with new rhino coated body and cowl, new light kit, new seat covers, new extended 80" top, new deluxe rear seat kit, full tune up, new starter battery.

$ 5500


  2010 Tomberlin Emerge 500 LSV

Street legal LSV car

Low miles, new set batteries, full tune up

Can add rear seat kit for 2+2 or golf bag holder for golf

$ 4500


  2013 EZGO RXV Freedom electric

Refurbished except for the body and cowl.

New batteries, new light kit, new horn, new windshield, cooler, sand bottles, sport mirror, chrome wheels, state charge meter, USB port, new front and rear bumper, new floor mat, new shocks, new front suspension bushing,         1 year warranty

$ 4300




  2013 EZGO RXV Freedom electric

Total Refurbished .

New body and cowl, new batteries, new light kit, new horn, new windshield, cooler, sand bottles, sport mirror, chrome wheels, state charge meter, USB port, new front and rear bumper, new shocks, new front suspension bushing,           2 year warranty

Custom sport seats and 12" rims

$ 5990



  2010 EZGO RXV - Gas

Unit is very clean, full tune up, 13 hp Kawasaki engine, new battery, new tires and rims, windshield included.

$ 3950

Can add lights, rear seat kit, long top, etc.


  2009 RXV refurbished

New rhino coated camo body and cowl

New batteries, new 65" tires, new wheels, lights, state charge meter, horn, windshield.

Great deal - $ 4500






  2013 EZGO RXV - Perfect condition

Added new batteries and cables

Has track enclosure and club cover, lights, brake lights, state charge meter, USB port, windshield, mirror.

$ 4800





2007 EZGO TXT 2+2 - Gas

Full tune up, lights, windshield

$ 3300 runs great