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  Adventure stocks all your accessory needs for your golf car.  Whether it is a simple windshield replacement or custom stereo system, we can help you get it done.

Scroll down the page and see most common options


  Custom seats

Seats can really add a great look and comfort to your car

We can order all colors and custom yours to match


This is the ultimate seat

Each seat tilts individually, lumbar adjustment, slides forward and backward, head rest, arm rest, nicer than most automobiles


King Ranch leather look


Rear seat to match

Arm rest cup holders too


We can custom seats for the street legal 2Five LSV


Porsche Boxster red look



AC units for your cart

Keeps you cool in the hot summer

$ 1500 installed

This is something your friends don't have

EZGO RXV - Club Car Precedent


Enclosures - Winter protection

- enclosures are great for cold and rainy days

- there are mainly two types

Sunbrella or vinyl

Sunbrella is more expensive but will last much longer








Door enclosures are available for most cars too.

Door versions are much easier to get in and out, last much longer, are sealed better, but are twice the expense.

The doors can be removed very easily when not needed.



EZGO RXV Door enclosure


Doors can be locked in open position or can be taken off by just lifting off the hinges.

Many colors available

Shuttle 6 passenger

Know your cart details when ordering.



Least expensive vinyl over the top

We even have 4 sided when you might want to travel to another course and use it there.



Club Protector - Cabana cover

Great product to keep your clubs covered during the rain or mist. Folds up when not needed, easy to install.

Comes in tan or black.


Cart Buddies

Don't forget the cart buddies, covers the hip restraints and makes the sides more comfortable and a more finished look.

  Stereo systems

We can get the music in your cart. Here is a photo with a Pioneer Bluetooth in dash, am fm HD radio, cd player, with USB ports, and floor mounted Kicker speakers.

Catch all your incoming phone calls through your speakers hands free.



Keep it simple with IPod amp only and Kicker speakers.


Wake board speakers for the more bolder look.



Tires and Wheels

We carry a big supply of different sets of tires and wheels

12" and 14" rims are the most popular upgrades

Most sets run between $ 600 - $ 900




  All chrome, all black, or a mixture, we can set you up with the look you are looking for.


We have low profile tires for the non lifted cars too.

  Custom painted body and cowls available
  TCU Horned Frogs

See our custom page for more painted cars.

  Rhino coated camouflage


We can get just about any colors, super durable non scratch finish.








Rear seat kit  - 2 in 1

No tools needed, seat bottom flips up and hooks under seat back cushion, floor board flips up too.


Now flips back to carry 2 passengers, best option for when you need both applications.

Available on EZGO TXT,  RXV, and Star cars only.

Rear seat kit - premium

There is a big difference from a cheaper version to a premium model.  The premium will match your car, seats not come apart, paint will stay on the metal, last much longer, and not rattle you to death. 

Here is a photo of the premium seat flipped over to the flat bed cargo position.  
Tops with a rear seat kit

Here is the standard or original top with a rear seat kit added, top does not cover rear seat, less expensive than the long top added.

Extended top

Here is a photo with a new extended top, allows for shade or covered rear passengers.  Also if you add an enclosure at some point all passengers are inside, adds about -   $ 400 to the price.

  Battery Fill System - BFS

Awesome new product, allows you to water all your batteries very easily and quickly, no over fills or mess.  The valves on top of each battery cell also have a level indicator on top to display current amount of water in each cell.

The white dots mean a full cell, clear dots means the cell needs water.

  Storage jug attaches to one end hose location and fills all batteries to correct level and cuts off, painless and quick.

We can get all cars design and battery type to fit your car, also the kit can move to the next set of new batteries when required.

This is a no brainer - $ 225

Glove Box Doors

  Here is a double set, locks with a key.  Helps keep items in glove box form bouncing out and hidden from site, nice finished look too.

$ 160 set


Bag Attachment - custom made

Made specially for the rear seat kit, this model allows for the bags to attach to the hand rail and faces outward, this allows for players or riders to still use the seat kit. 

Room for passengers or players to sit. Fits EZGO premium seat kit or the EZGO 2Five stock seat kit.  
This model faces inward and uses the floor board of the seat kit, less expensive attachment, works well.  
  Arm Rest Cup Holders

Nice new product that can add to just about any rear seat kit, lots of colors available, adds a nice look, very easy to install.


  12 Volt Power outlet

12 volt power outlet, handy for keeping the cell phone charged, etc.

Battery state of charge meter

displays your battery charge level.

  Turn signal assembly

Runs blinks in front and back, must have OEM light kit.


We have side mirrors and center rear view mirrors

A must when riding on the street.

Ammo Basket - extra storage

Designed for shotgun shells, but most people just add it for extra carry space.

Strobe light

Great for security applications


LED Spot Light

Super bright new LED spot will light up everything. We also have it in different sizes and can be mounted other places.  Because it is LED it uses very little energy.  Also comes in green light.


Customize the car with your company logo and reap the benefits of free advertising.

  All we need is your digital logo
  Full Wrap

Anything is possible

  We are an Authorized Dealer for Bison Coolers & Drinkware

These are the best for golf carts

Coolers and Tumblers keep ice in them all day long


  Bison Tumbler 30 oz

Hot or cold keeps it longer

  Growler 64 oz

  - Best place to hind a ton of the beer and keep it cold

Bottle 32 oz too



  Cooler Soft Packs

12 can

24 can


  Made in America in North Richland Hills.
Now is the time to accessories or customize your golf car.